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Walki plasbel green team

Plastic Industry GREEN-TEAM is here!

The one thing which is certain is that caring for the environment and sustainability is a task which involves all of us. That is why the merger between Walki and Plasbel, two sustainable companies, is a step forward to make the sector a little greener. Together they form the plastic industry GREEN-TEAM.

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MDO monofilm Plasbel

Walki Group acquires the leading Spanish packaging producer Plasbel and expands its offering of sustainable packaging solutions and its geographical footprint

Plasbel expands Walki’s European footprint with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of more than 30 000 m2, located in Murcia, Spain, offering a broad product portfolio of food packaging solutions, in addition to post-consumer recycled and compostable films with applications in the retail and hospitality sectors.

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