Sustainable waste bags

We are specialised in manufacturing all types of waste bags from recycled and recyclable material. We innovate in the recycling and production process in order to make the most of our materials and contribute to creating a circular economy.

We innovate in recycling and make the most of our materials

We are specialized in manufacturing sustainable waste bags with recycled material

100% recyclable material in our waste bags

At Walki Plasbel, we have integrated 100% recyclable material in our extrusion and film manufacturing process, free of adherent or solvent components, where there is no need to separate elements for the recycling of the material used.


Blue Angel

Waste bags with Blue Angel Eco-label. It guarantees that our product contains at least 80% of post-consumer recycled material and meets the criteria of quality, safety, recyclability and respect for the environment.

30% less

The high technology applied enables us to minimise film thickness and maximise its performance, which is great benefit both from an environmental point of view.

Recycled material with EU Certification – EuCertPlast

We guarantee with EuCertPlast certification the highest quality of our post-consumer raw material and no harmful substances for health and the environment.

Auxiliary material
with the FSC seal

We use auxiliary materials with the FSC seal. A certification that guarantees the sustainable use and management of forests, and 100% recyclable.



Since 2019, all the energy we have been using has come from 100% renewable energy sources. It’s not just about the material, our commitment to sustainability is integral to Walki Plasbel.

Display Box

A box that fulfills two functions; it transports and displays the product at the point of sale. They are supplied in a display box format to facilitate their commercialization on the shelves.


Waste bags based on a circular economy

At Walki Plasbel we are creating social awareness and responsibility towards the environment through an organised management of our manufacturing process and maximising the available resource efficiency.

We reduce the waste generation and the remains of the production are prepared to be reused and transformed into a new recycled material that will be used and reintroduced in the market, thus establishing a continuous cycle of development in which the value of the materials and products obtained extend their useful life, and promoting growth through a more sustainable production, resource efficiency and commitment to the environment.


easy-to-open trash bags

Goodbye to difficult opening in household and community waste bags

We make the most out of bag capacity

Three-ply and recyclable material

One of the most common di culties for consumers in general use with non-self-closing waste bags is that they are often not easy to open. Either because you can’t visually identify which side of the bag the opening is on or because it is di cult to pull the two sheets apart to open the bag.


The R&D+i department at Walki Plasbel has been working for months and has come up with this solution to improve consumer domestic use, a solution where we make the most of the bag capacity, in a process whose operation does not require the use of a greater amount of plastic material nor its loss.


We shifted both fitting parts so that they do not longer overlap. They are o set from each other, thus making them easier to open as they are spaced apart and become more visible.

Being a manufacturer allows us to customise the product according to the needs of the customer and the market

Anti-drip system

Its seamless base prevents dripping of liquids that accumulate at the bottom of the bag.

Easy separation

The waste bags are presented in roll format with perforation to make their separation easier.

bolsas de basura facil separación


Each bag has a coloured string that facilitates the self-closing of the bag with a simple pull.


The bag is perfumed with a pleasant and long-lasting aroma, very effective in neutralising bad odours.


We integrate actions aimed at the environmental improvement of the product within its design stage. A box that fulfils a double function; it transports and displays the product at the point of sale.

Interleaved easy separation

The waste bags are interleaved for easy dispensing without tearing and are presented in roll format.

bolsa de basura interleaved wallki plasbel

Three-ply material

At Walki Plasbel we only manufacture waste bags with a triple layer of recycled material to prevent breakage.

Recyclable and recycled material

We reduce the waste generated from the production process by transforming it into a new recycled material that will be used and reintroduced into the market.

High resistance

We use high quality recycled material and increase the thickness of our bag to ensure high resistance.

Water based printing

Water based inks are the most sustainable alternative: they reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact.

trash bags printed with water based ink

Different types of packaging

We offer different ancillary material solutions – PP sleeve, paperbound, gummed paper to meet customer and market needs.