Reusable PP Woven bag made from 70% recycled material

Es una bolsa de gran resistencia. Su durabilidad garantiza su reutilización y es ideal para el uso diario en la playa, supermercado, gimnasio, colegio y etc.

Reusable and Recyclable Bags

Fiesta Polar: the reusable isothermal PP-Woven bag with 70% recycled material

Our isothermal bags are environmentally friendly because they are constantly reusable; they reduce the single use bags and they keep hot and frozen products

These bags are made of braided polypropylene. Regarding the mechanism, it is based on what is known as refrigerated capillary distribution: a triple laminate with high-density insulation is placed inside, which reduces warm temperature transfer from one side to the other and allows the perishable or frozen food to be transported while maintaining its temperature (from 2ºC to 8ºC).

The metallised inside and the velcro fastening make this bag ideal for transporting frozen food, pre-cooked food, ice cream, butchery, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables or gourmet products.

However, the isothermal raffia bag also maintains hot products at the same temperature. Basically, what it does is a slow and constant change of temperature, which means that the products travelling inside it avoid drastic changes of their own temperature and keep it for a longer period of time.

As well as their high resistance, they allow a great conservation of the temperature and have a large capacity (up to 30 litres).

A further advantage, and one of the most important, is that these bags are reusable, and the materials they are made of are completely recyclable, which also benefits the environment, to which we are very committed.

The previous model as well as this new model of isothermal raffia bags have a striking and fun design, with a great protagonist: our polar bear. A pet that we have chosen for several reasons. One of them is to raise awareness about the environment (in terms of melting ice and global warming). Another is that it is an animal in danger of extinction precisely for this reason.

36 x 42 x 20cm
30 litres

Finished: Gloss

Handles: 2

Material: PP woven

Clousure: Velcro

50 bags / box

16 boxes / pallet

We have an international quality control office located in Asia, which allows us to offer better product coordination and management and supply chain monitoring

The Walki Plasbel inspection team in Asia checks the finished bags one by one, spotting all defects.

Infographics : Ensuring a quality product from the first step - PP Woven Walki Plasbel

Walki Plasbel is committed to meeting its standards in the countries where it operates, acting honestly and in accordance with fair trade standards. This commitment is paramount to our success.

Customer proximity and service

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Attention to every detail

From the first draft designed, our entire team is focused on the success of the project.

100% check of finished product

The Walki Plasbel review team in Asia checks the
finished bags one by one, spotting all defects.

Quality control in all stages of the production process

Ensuring that the production is carried out according to our own quality standards.

International office

Our office in Asia allows us to be close to production centres and to be able to respond in a way that is unmatched on the market.

Approved suppliers

We only work with approved and audited production centres, which comply with Walki Plasbel standards. This guarantees product quality.

Product storage in Walki Plasbel Asia

Our own warehouse in Asia allows us to store the finished product before loading and shipping it to our warehouses in Spain.

Analysis in the Walki Plasbel laboratory

When the product is shipped to Spain, it is analysed and checked to ensure that it meets all the requirements before being delivered to the customer.

We adapt to our customers' needs in the manufacture of PP woven bags.