Waste bags made of compostable material

Our biodegradable compostable waste bags are made from plant-based raw materials in accordance with the European standard EN 13432. At the end of their useful life, they biodegrade in a compostable environment.

Belsack®Bio, 100% compostable and biodegradable waste bags

These waste bags are made of compostable and biodegradable material.

It is a 100% compostable product with two labels: OK-Compost Home and OK-Compost Industrial. Each roll contains 25 bags and each box contains 24 rolls.

These bags are ideal for organic waste and are made from eco-friendly, three-layer material and are easy to separate.

A box that fulfills two functions; it transports and displays the product at the point of sale.

We use paperband and carton box with the FSC seal. A certification that guarantees the sustainable use and management of forests, and 100% recyclable.

44 x 44cm
10 litros

Natural bio colour

25 bags / roll

24 rolls / box

42 boxes / pallet

High resistance

We use high quality recycled material and increase the thickness of our bag to ensure high resistance.

Easy separation

The waste bags are presented in roll format with perforation to make their separation easier.

bolsas de basura compostable facil separación

Compostable material under European standard EN 13432

Compostable bags made from plant-based polymers under the European standard EN 13432, sustainably managed and certified with the OK COMPOST® seal by TUV Austria, which guarantees their biodegradability in an industrial compostability plant.

bolsa basura compostable walki plasbel

Three-ply material

At Walki Plasbel we only manufacture waste bags with a triple layer of recycled material to prevent breakage.

Bio based printing

Bio based inks are the most sustainable alternative: they reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact.

bolsa de basura impresa bio walki plasbel

Different types of packaging

We offer different ancillary material solutions – PP sleeve, paperbound, gummed paper to meet customer and market needs.


We have extruders for manufacturing biodegradable compostable material, adapting to the needs of the market.

These products are certified and guaranteed by OK-COMPOST TUV Austria according to the European standard EN 13432.

Cubo compost

All Bio products sold by Walki Plasbel are Compostable

bolsa compostable Walki Plasbel mejora la tierra

They have no negative effects on the environment and improve soil structure and nutrient bioavailability.

Productos compostables de Walki Plasbel

We are compliant with the European Plastics Strategy. EU mandated in 2018 that by 2030, all plastic packaging placed on the EU market must be reusable, compostable or recyclable.


High technology enables us to reduce film thickness with no loss of properties

The boxes and banners are FSC-certified. At Walki Plasbel, we take care of every detail. We work with suppliers certified by the international FSC organisation, guaranteeing that our auxiliary materials come from a sustainably managed forest.

Our BIO bags are stronger than most products in the same category. We use high quality raw materials and are constantly researching the latest technology materials, advancing quality, increasing performance and improving product efficiency.


According to what we are at Walki Plasbel, an environmentally conscious and respectful company, we have three different seals for our products.

The OK compost HOME certificate guarantees that our products achieve a biodegradation level of at least 90% within 12 months in a home composting process (±20-30ºC).

This certificate guarantees that our products reach a biodegradation level of at least 90% within 6 months in an industrial composting plant (±58ºC).

The OK Biobased certificate guarantees that our bio-based products have a bio-based content of between 40% and 60%.