Plasbel is now Walki Plasbel: We change our corporate identity while keeping the same values and principles

walki plasbel sustainable packaging solutions

A comprehensive change in the company corporate identity to adapt to our new position as part of the Walki Group, one of the most prestigious companies of the sector around the world.

The merger between the Spanish recycled and biodegradable plastic film manufacturer Plasbel and the Finnish Walki Group manufacturer of sustainable materials for packaging applications to energy saving performance was completed in April 2021, when Walki acquired a majority stake in Plasbel. The acquisition enabled Walki Group, which has a presence in 12 countries and employs 1,400 people, to strengthen its presence in southern Europe and begin joining forces to meet its environmental goals.

Plasbel is now Walki Plasbel. We are launching this new corporate identity which will be visible soon. It aims to better reflect our new goals and the symbolism of this union. We keep our legal entity name and identification number: Plasbel Plásticos S.A. (ESA30563118), as well as our management autonomy and the structure of our staff.

We want to establish our position and show from the beginning that this merger has a motivation based on a great and ambitious goal under this “GREENTEAM of the plastics industry”: To achieve a sustainable and circular economy where there is no plastic waste. The new logo combines the P and B of Plasbel, the W of Walki, the C of circular economy, the M of Murcia and the N of nature. This image breaks the rules due to its 360º meaning, meaning that makes sense no matter which way you look at it. Walki Plasbel will enhance with this new identity the sense of circularity and integral solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We have incorporated a new slogan: Sustainable Packaging Solutions, which embodies the company purpose and nature and the group involvement in the search for a sustainable industry and a better society. We keep innovating and improving our products, creating new and more ambitious projects to achieve our ZERO WASTE future goal. We believe in circular economy and we believe that unity is strength, so we take action to move forward on this path.

Walki Plasbel is now part of a larger and more global ecosystem, where each member brings the best so that the experience and knowledge shared brings us closer in the shortest possible time to achieve our vision of future. We are committed to upholding our values – modesty and courtesy, involvement and commitment, integrity, professionalism, teamwork – and strengthening our innovation goals, continuous change and sustainability within our operations, always aiming for full customer satisfaction and providing a wide range of sustainable packaging.

More information: www.plasbel.com/brand