Walki Plasbel has been awarded the OK Recycled 50% and 70% certificates by TÜV Austria

Lamibel Recycled con sello OK RECYCLED de TÜV Austria

Our new Walki Plasbel certificate guarantees that the percentage of recycled material used in our packaging solutions is in line with our sustainability and circular economy policies.

In a world where everyone is able to report what they do or have to offer, the only way to discern between real and fake comes through external and independent assessment and certification of business processes.

Being able to demonstrate our commitment to our activities and having them accredited by independent bodies results in more reliable and trustworthy practices being communicated to the final user of our products.

At Walki Plasbel we are proud to declare and certify our commitment to sustainability, circular economy and good business practices. For this reason, we have multiple certifications that guarantee this commitment and this way of understanding and doing business. These include OK Compost Industrial, OK Home Compost and OK Biobased, all granted by TÜV Austria. And now we count on one more: OK Recycled Content.

What is TÜV Austria?

TÜV Austria is a specialised quality testing laboratory which operates with national certifications (ENAC) in addition to TÜV Austria certifications. TÜV Austria is an international group which forms part of  TÜV AUSTRIA IBERIA.

Certifications issued by this independent body are recognised both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of the expertise, independence and fairness of an organisation.

Each TÜV Austria seal follows a series of requirements and technical specifications checked by its experts. As a result, we at Walki Plasbel hold different certifications, depending on the material, product and the manufacturing process carried out.

Walki Plasbel's OK Recycled content

OK Recycled is a new certification from TÜV Austria, developed in cooperation with Walki Plasbel, which addresses the concerns raised by the EU Directive on reducing the impact of certain products made of plastic on the environment.

This certification guarantees not only good practice regarding the use of recycled materials, their appropriate traceability or the recycled plastic content of a product. It also guarantees the percentage of recycled plastic used during its manufacture and in the final product.

Circular economy is essential in order to achieve the United Nations 2030 Agenda objectives for a more sustainable world. Using recycled products is an essential practice to improve our environment and meet these objectives.

We at Walki Plasbel want to be part of the way to a ZERO WASTE future. We are constantly working alongside our strategic suppliers and customers towards this goal.

Today we can announce that our Lamibel®️Recycled films received the OK RECYCLED 50% and OK RECYCLED 70% certificates from TÜV Austria.

We are proud to say that our products and solutions are fully integrated into the circular economy. Our products and services are certified by independent and reputable bodies as we continue to make progress towards our vision of a ZERO WASTE future.

rollo higiénico con envoltorio Lamibel Recycled con sello OK RECYCLED de TÜV Austria