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Lamibel®Recycled: Non-food monomaterial packaging produced with up to 70% post-consumer recycled material which contributes to circular economy.

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Lamibel Recycled is a non-food mono-material packaging with up to 70% post-consumer recycled material. We have launched this product for those consumers committed to reducing the use of virgin plastic, opting for recycled materials for a more sustainable consumption. Suitable for: dry toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and hand towels.

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Who is it addressed to?

The trend towards environmental awareness continues to grow. At Walki Plasbel we want to do our bit for the environment every day. We have launched this product for those consumers committed to reducing the use of virgin plastic, opting for recycled materials for a more sustainable consumption.

Our targets for using mono-material packaging are:

  • Replace virgin (new) packaging with post-consumer recycled material.
  • Reduce single-use plastic consumption.
  • Provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution.
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Where does post-consumer material used in Lamibel Recycled originate from?

Generally, post-consumer material used in Lamibel® Recycled comes from:

  • Stretch film for pallet wrapping.
  • PE packaging material.
  • Film used to bundle bottles, cans, briks.

These products are collected by our certified suppliers from supermarkets, warehouses, shops and so on. Once collected, they go through a careful selection process where we classify those materials which are suitable to continue in the production process and can be transformed into recycled raw materials.

When raw material reaches Walki Plasbe|, we proceed to certification, tests and in-depth controls to verify compliance with regulatory, technical and legal specifications before being integrated into the production process. Once these controls have been carried out. we start working on the transformation process in our extrusion plant. And this is how that waste we were talking about earlier is processed into Lamibel®Recycled.

Why is Lamibel®Recycled so much more sustainable?

Lamibel®Recycled stands out as being much more sustainable than other materials on the market, as up to 70% of recycled material used is from post-consumer sources. This means that it has been selectively separated by consumers, recycled by our supplier and processed by us back into an upcycling material to produce Lamibel®Recycled, following a circular economy process.

Other non-food packaging on the market only uses between 30% and 50% recycled material from the manufacturing process (post- industrial). In other words, it is material that does not involve citizen participation.

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Lamibel®Recycled is an upcycling material. We transform waste (post-consumer plastic) into valuable objects. We make use of recycled materials to create high quality packaging.

Why do we keep the 100% post-consumer recycled material between two 100% virgin films?

The outer layer is composed of 100% virgin material – this is required for optimal product printing.

The core layer has what it takes to be in line with 2030 targets and is committed to circular economy (100% post-consumer recycled material).

The last layer is the inner layer, composed of 100% virgin material – this is required to achieve an excellent mechanical and sealing results.

10 Benefits of using Lamibel®Recycled


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100% mono-material and recyclable packaging

It is a recyclable structure and 100% monomaterial, so it is respectful with the environment and climate change, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


Increasing material gloss and transparency

Through the R&D&i department we seek continuous innovation. Each project that goes through our hands is researched using state-of-the-art technology to increase gloss and transparency. This way, our products not only fulfill their protective function, but are also more appealing in supermarkets.



High technology enables us to reduce film thickness with no loss of properties, which reduces mass and cuts shipping costs. This feature is also intended to reduce carbon footprint.


3-layer coextruded material

Adhesive-free co-extruded films offer the most effective way in energy use, sustainability, strength and mechanics, combining multiple film material performance features to meet a wide range of needs.

We keep 100% recycled material between two virgin films to achieve optimum outer print and obtain excellent mechanical and sealing results.


Easy tearing and opening without spillage

The film provides excellent tearing properties for easy opening without spillage.


Material produced with 100% renewable energy

All the energy we have used comes from 100% renewable energy sources.


We reduce CO2 emissions

By upgrading to more efficient engines, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 611.23 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to the average CO2 emission of 3.5 million km produced by a diesel car.


Material in line with 2030 targets

We are compliant with the European Plastics Strategy. EU mandated in 2018 that by 2030, all plastic packaging placed on the EU market must be reusable, compostable or recyclable. Flexible packaging made of mono-materials has become a way to achieve this goal. Walki Plasbel has made it posible through a daily improvement effort policy.


Recycled material with European Certification - EuCertPlast

We guarantee with EuCertPlast certification the highest quality of our post-consumer raw material and no harmful substances for health and the environment.


Material for
Circular Economy

Citizens separate plastic materials selectively and our supplier recycles post-consumer plastic which is converted into pellets after a top-quality process and reused and transformed into new products. Thanks to its recyclability, it enables a sustainable circular economy in which material can be reused, reducing raw material use and improving our commitment to the environment.

Sustainability is in our hands.

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