Plasbel, on the way to sustainability!

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It is really noticeable when all your team efforts are addressed towards the same goal. At Plasbel, we are all committed to sustainability and we want to grow by holding firmly to our values and goals to drive forward circular economy. We'll explain you how!

We are at a moment in history where all our efforts must go into being better, and at Plasbel we see it clear. That is why we devote ourselves body and soul to implementing fully sustainability-oriented improvements as well as being part of an ever-growing circular economy.

Investments for a better future

Constant innovation

Our goal is to continue growing. We have expanded our recycling plant in 2021 with another state-of-the-art mechanical industrial recycling machine to process plastic scraps/by-products into new material.

Plasbel investments are focused on 4 essential pillars:

But our investments are not only focused on our facilities, there is much more!

Operation Clean Sweep (OCS)

Plasbel is involved in a global plastic industry initiative known as Operation Clean Sweep to prevent potential microplastics leaks into the environment. Our entire production chain is involved, ensuring a responsible resource management on an ongoing basis. For an increasingly responsible sector!

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Blauer Engel Eco-label

This label is just like an award for our eco-sustainable track record. A quality label specific to environmentally friendly products. Our investment in improving our products and quality has been seen as an effort worthy of this eco-label. Undoubtedly, something to be proud of!

The GREEN-TEAM we built along with Walki

On top of this, we must also mention our merger with Walki. We form a perfect GREEN-TEAM to grow and provide ecological plastic consumables which fit our end consumer responsible lifestyle. In this merger, Plasbel remains in production, becoming one of the main production plants at Walki Group.

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Plasbel in 2020, a year full of growth

In 2020, Plasbel has a workforce of 320 workers and an export volume of 16%. More than 20 years of experience in the eco-film manufacturing and extrusion sector endorse us as experts in what we carry out. A business model based on innovation, circular economy and sustainability means that more and more socially responsible companies want to collaborate with us.Constant innovation has enabled us to develop plastic recycling processes that have allowed Plasbel to increase the use of post-consumer recycled material by 46% in 2020. We have obtained a total of 17,936 tonnes of recycled material (more than 27% compared to 2019). This number of tonnes is roughly equivalent to the weight of 18,000 5-seater cars. And this year we want to set a new record!

Kg of recycled material in 2020

We are a company totally committed to our values and we show every day our ability to create. Our goal is to find the packaging of the future from recycled and recyclable materials.

A better world with renewable, recyclable and compostable products with a 100% sustainable economy base is possible and Plasbel is well on its way to achieving that bright future.