Reusable handle bags with high recycled content

We use recycled material to manufacture checkout bags, shop bags and home delivery bags. All these products are made from post-consumer recycled material, offering the highest quality in all our ranges, adapting them to different market needs.

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Reusable 50µm handle bags with more than 50% post-consumer recycled and sustainable material

At Walki Plasbel we create different types of reusable bags with recycled material in a sustainable way. This makes them one of the best alternatives and an optimal environmental solution, both for their composition and their use. Even the number of times they can be reused by the consumer stands out.

Walki Plasbel has three types of reusable bags, all made from post-consumer recycled material:

Type I reusable bags
These are reusable plastic bags, 50 microns thick, made of polyethylene with a recycled content of more than 50% and using water-based inks. They can be reused more than 15 times.

Type II reusable bags
These are reusable plastic bags of 50 microns thickness, made of polyethylene with a recycled content of more than 70%, using water-based inks. They can be reused more than 15 times.

Type III reusable bags
These are reusable plastic bags made of polyethylene with a content of more than 70% post-consumer recycled material that use water-based inks. They are 100% recyclable and can be reused a large number of times.

We developed 3 standard sizes of reusable bag made of post-consumer recycled material

50% recycled material

  • 35x45cm 50µm

  • 42x53cm 50µm

  • 48x59cm 50µm

70% recycled material

  • 35x45cm 50µm

  • 42x53cm 50µm

  • 48x59cm 50µm

How do we manufacture the reusable bag?

By recycling the waste created during the production process, we manufacture new products with new features, thus extending the materials’ lifespan.

The reuse of this recycled plastic reduces the environmental impact. We work in a circular economy, managing waste in an appropriate way, aving on raw materials and ensuring economic sustainability while having a positive effect on the environment.

we extend the use of materials

Plasbel has been one of the first companies in Spain to obtain the UNE 53930 (Part 01 and 02): 2019 AENOR certificate

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The plastics sector is constantly evolving and responding to the continuous demands of society. For this reason, AENOR provides support with a new certification scheme for the recyclability of plastic products. This scheme quantifies the percentage of recyclability of a product in accordance with the UNE-EN 13430.

Thus, the recycled material content and its origin are verified during the AENOR audits. In addition, the bags must meet a defined thickness and comply with a series of mechanical requirements that make them functional. These aspects are checked by carrying out tests in an accredited laboratory.

The UNE 53930 Standard has also been developed in order to carry this out as a result of the publication of RD 293/2018 on reducing the consumption of plastic bags. This publication requires that, in any case, plastic bags must include a minimum recycled content of 50% and a minimum thickness of 50 microns that provides consistency and facilitates their reuse.


¿Why choose Walki Plasbel vest-handle bags?

Sustainable and easy to recycle material

We are experts in working with recycled and recyclable materials being loyal to our corporate values and to the responsibility we have acquired with society. We can become the perfect allies for all the entities that want to start their way towards sustainability and thus enter the circular economy to have a much cleaner and committed productive activity.

Specialised in film extrusion

Extrusion process is one of the most important techniques when transforming plastic into a consumer good. At Walki Plasbel we are pioneers in the extrusion field thanks to our technology applied when processing and manufacturing multiple products, one of our main advantages in this market!

We offer solutions at all product stages

We offer you a complete coverage of all product phases: conceptualisation and development, transformation and manufacture of raw materials and marketing as well as distributing your products.

We offer value-added services, including high-level support and tailor-made solutions. In doing so, we cover all our customers’ needs through continuous research, development and innovation, adapting to social changes.

We have an in-house creative and graphic design team

Formed by professional staff for a faster and more efficient personal attention which avoids possible mistakes. Let our creatives and designers help you out with new and great ideas for your products, we will bring you closer to a totally new and different conception about your own product than you ever imagined.

Material produced with 100% renewable energy

Since 2019, all the energy we have been using has come from 100% renewable energy sources. It’s not just about the material, our commitment to sustainability is integral to Walki Plasbel.

We reduce CO2 emissions

By upgrading to more efficient engines, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 611.23 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to the average CO2 emission of 3.5 million km produced by a diesel car.

Material in line with 2030 targets

We are compliant with the European Plastics Strategy. EU mandated in 2018 that by 2030, all plastic packaging placed on the EU market must be reusable, compostable or recyclable. 

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Recycled material with European Certification - EuCertPlast

We guarantee with EuCertPlast certification the highest quality of our post-consumer raw material and no harmful substances for health and the environment.

Material for Circular Economy

Citizens separate plastic materials selectively and our supplier recycles post-consumer plastic which is converted into pellets after a top-quality process and reused and transformed into new products. Thanks to its recyclability, it enables a sustainable circular economy in which material can be reused, reducing raw material use and improving our commitment to the environment.

Walki Plasbel recycled material production plant at Murcia.