Towards a sustainable materials management and sustainable production

At Walki Plasbel we know that in order to be able to offer efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, we must do so through innovation and continuous improvement. These two concepts represent our mission and that is what has led us to be leaders in polyethylene (PE) film extrusion, putting it into practice every day in our flexible packaging production.

Standard-bearers of innovation

To make this innovation possible, we have two in-house laboratories equipped with the latest technology and highly qualified professionals. Through our R&D&I department, we strive for continuous innovation, researching state-of-the-art materials, improving methods that guarantee quality, increasing performance and improving product efficiency. We also promote collaboration with national and international research institutes. Furthermore, we promote collaboration with national and international research institutes, and by integrating with them we can go even further!

Two decades of customer loyalty

Walki Plasbel is a company with more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality films. We specialise in polyethylene film extrusion, as well as offering a personalised service to our customers. We listen to their needs in order to provide them with tailor-made solutions, something that allows us to create links and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Our customers include major distribution brands and public and private entities within the professional and industrial sectors. For the latter, we have specific solutions within the technical plastics field and industrial film, both for food and domestic use.

Every success has his own story

April 1998
Alcantarilla, Murcia
Plasbel Plásticos S.A.U.

A family business founded in Alcantarilla,  Murcia

Doha, Qatar
Adquisition of Asima Plastic Factory
Librilla, Murcia
Librilla Logistic Centre
Alcantarilla, Murcia
Alcantarilla Logistic Centre
Ribaroja, Valencia
Adquisition of Q4 Packaging Systems
Alcantarilla, Murcia
Alcantarilla Flexible Packaging Plant
28 April 2021
Alcantarilla, Murcia
Part of Walki Group

Based in Finland, Walki is an international group with three main business areas: Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging and Engineered Materials. The group has operations in twelve countries in Europe and Asia. Walki Plasbel maintains their operations and becomes one of the main production plants of the Walki group, increasing their activity and strengthening their position as an international company.

Walki in figures


A continuous product improvement process is the key that allows us to maintain the best quality with the most competitive performance

Food Packaging Division

Focused on container production and food industry packaging.

Consumer Products Division

Focused on large-scale product manufacture distribution and industry in general.

We have more than 30.000 m² of facilities in Alcantarilla (Murcia) distributed in:

Food Packaging

  • Extrusion plant
  • Printing plant
  • Assembly and Prepress
  • Room AC store room and Dispensing
  • Laboratory

Consumer Products Division

  • Extrusion plant
  • Printing plant
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Recycling plant
  • Laboratory


  • Raw material plant
  • Alcantarilla logistic Centre

Our flexographic printing machinery increases efficiency, quality and sustainability of production processes.

High technology and continuous innovation are key axes for a development towards sustainable production