Plastic Industry GREEN-TEAM is here!

Walki plasbel green team

The one thing which is certain is that caring for the environment and sustainability is a task which involves all of us. That is why the merger between Walki and Plasbel, two sustainable companies, is a step forward to make the sector a little greener. Together they form the plastic industry GREEN-TEAM.

Keeping and preserving the environment is not an easy task. Nor is developing an industrial activity with the aim of always reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible, but we are doing it.

But individual effort is not enough, hence the need to join forces and collaborate with groups working towards the same goal in order to achieve great challenges.

That is why Walki Group and Plasbel have joined forces. Last week, both companies merged in order to work together and promote a business model based on circular economy, sustainability and commitment to the environment.


Both companies share an ongoing improvement common spirit. Their commitment to the environment is key to these institutions and together, they will go further in their actions. They were walking towards the same goal, reducing human waste to ZERO through industrial recycling processes as well as fostering circular economy. Now that Walki and Plasbel have joined forces, they form a PERFECT GREEN-TEAM to make that goal a dream come true.


The Finnish multinational group, which in turn belongs to ONE EQUITY PARTNERS, has more than 1000 employees worldwide and operates in three main business areas: Consumer Packaging (in which Plasbel will be integrated), Industrial Packaging and Engineering Materials. Plasbel will take over 15% of Walki’s business and this merger marks a definite entry into the domestic market, which until now had been limited to sales representation through Secopa.

Why Plasbel?

Plasbel is the ideal partner to break into the Spanish market. With a leading position in the Spanish sustainable packaging sector, Plasbel has the technology and know-how to make the merger with Walki a win-win situation for both companies. Proven expertise in the development of films, recycled and biodegradable bags for catering, food and retail has made Plasbel achieve and keep leadership over existing competitors.

The merger makes the business group larger and only contributes in benefits to both companies. They have greater corporate strength and investment power. Plasbel becomes one of the main production plants of Walki Group, increasing their activity and consolidating as an international company.

Growth strategy goes on and both companies’ members are well aware that this merger will bring great benefits and opportunities in the (not so distant) future for them and for society.