The art of doing
better with less
Thanks to the important investments in new technology and R&D that we carry out in the field of flexible packaging, we can offer new materials that maximize the plastic film’s performance while being thinner.

We provide customized solutions adapted to
your products.

We want our entire production and marketing process to be integrated into a complete cycle.
That's why we offer coverage in all product stages.

From its conceptualization and development,
through the transformation of raw materials,
printing, flexible packaging conversion to its
distribution and final destination. ​

Food Safety Guarantee

Plasbel® Packaging Division has obtained the BRC / IOP certification for packaging and packaging materials which defines us as a company committed to food safety, after successfully going through an exhaustive process of independent verification by SAI GLOBAL.

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A long-term international partnership

We work in collaboration with internationally renowned suppliers in the packaging and raw material sectors, which provide us with ideas for improvement, adding significant value to Plasbel® and at the same time to our customers.

10 benefits of working with Plasbel®

Sustainable material easy to recycle.
We are aware of our commitment and responsibility to the environment. We reduce the environmental impact of the materials we use by making them easier to recycle. We work towards responsible manufacturing and consumption in order to build a sustainable future.
Extrusora division packaging Plasbel
We are specialized in film extrusion.
The extrusion process is one of the most important techniques when transforming plastic into a consumer good.

One of our main advantages in this market is that we are pioneers in the field of extrusion thanks to the technology we use in the transformation and manufacture of multiple products.
In-house laboratory to ensure material quality and consistency
We have our own laboratory where all our products are manufactured according to a series of criteria and quality controls.
  • High precision spectrometer to analyze material composition.
  • Coils and lamination, use of approved material, through tests carried out upon arrival of the material at the facilities.
  • Use of approved ink, colours registered by series and product.
  • Before printing, a corona treatment testing is carried out. 
  • Checking the ink colorimetry. 
Equipo asesores profesionales de Plasbel
A team of professional advisors to guide you throughout the process
In order to guarantee a sound management and the best support service, we offer throughout the advisory process, technical, design, commercial and administrative support, to answer questions, streamline management and give the best solutions. Establishing a clear and concise communication regarding deadlines, estimates, process information, standards and regulations assurance, responsibilities and solutions to any issue.
We offer solutions in all product stages
In Plasbel® we offer a comprehensive coverage in all product stages, from its conceptualization and development to the transformation and manufacture of the raw material, to its marketing and distribution.We cover all customer needs through continuous research, development and innovation, adapting to social changes. We offer value-added services including high-level support and tailor-made solutions.
camión de Plasbel
Departamento de Diseño Plasbel
We have an in-house team of creative and graphic designers
Our group of professionals is there to make personal attention faster and more efficient, thus minimizing possible mistakes. Let our creatives and designers advise you with new and great ideas for your products. We bring you closer to a different concept of product by putting our team at your service.
High-performance flexible packaging
We have our own production line with the latest advances in flexible and lamination films of different quality. Our main objective is to provide our customers with premium quality packaging, strength and temperature resistant feature with a greater protective barrier and integrity for food products, providing better protection for food use.
Productos de Packaging Flexible Plasbel
Laminado sin Solventes
Solvent-free laminates
Solvent-free laminates in two and three layers, with specific EVOH barrier materials: PP or PET with (AlOx) or (SiOx) for the packaging of high, medium and low barrier products.
Active / Intelligent

The coating of active substances on the packaging material to increase lifespan by means of antimicrobial agents, for example:


  • Separators for meat products.
  • Antioxidants and antimicrobials for Fresh Cut products (salads and vegetables).
  • Anti-mould for bakery.
Micro or Macro Perforations
  • Macro perforations.
  • Micro laser perforations.
  • Micro perforations with needles.
  • Micro gas perforations up to 1.000 in² and 5.000 in².
Our commitment is to give you the best attention

Our commitment is to give you the best attention.

A client is checking the process