We take care of people and their working environment. We are Walki Plasbel!

At Walki Plasbel, thanks to hard work and perseverance, we are very clear about who we are and who we want to be. We are Walki Plasbel, and together with our great team, we do what we do best: manufacturing high quality sustainable films, paying attention to the customer, offering specific solutions for technical plastics and industrial film under a policy of respect for the environment, creating long term links with all the agents in our value chain.

A lasting bond

Your trust and our staff are, among many other factors, what lead us to continue adding years together with you.

Our team, characterised by its commitment to service and its engagement with the company’s objectives, is what really makes Walki Plasbel a sustainable, transparent and close entity.

Therefore, we promote our values and best practices within the workforce, applying principles of non-discrimination, an occupational risk prevention plan that identifies hazards and determines actions and areas to minimise workplace accidents and measures to reconcile work and family life.

Employment practices

Our management model focuses on people, professionals selected through transparent, egalitarian and non-discriminatory processes.

The activity increment derived from the new strategic plan has allowed the workforce to grow by 15.67% since 2016.

The distribution by age and positions shows a young team, where 62% are under 45 years of age, mainly occupying production positions (83%).

Walki Plasbel workforce evolution

In 2019, 77% of contracts were permanent compared to 23% of temporary contracts

We promote stable, quality employment by encouraging permanent contracts as opposed to temporary contracts. Practically 100% of our staff is full-time.

Average turnover stands at 4.25%, and absenteeism at 3.29%, lower than the 2018 figure (5.15%) and lower than the average in the Region of Murcia for industry (5.2%). These are figures that we take into account to analyse the causes and propose corrective measures.

Commitment to people

Diversity, equality and non-discrimination

We apply the principles of non-discrimination on disability, sex, age, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation and/or any other condition.

Among our employees, 7.22% come from foreign countries. In this regard, we are committed with socially vulnerable people through job opportunities and we participate in other initiatives to promote employability, such as the development of professional volunteering or supporting social projects promoted by employees.

Distribution of employees by country of origin 2019

plantilla walki plasbel por países

Evolution of workforce by gender

Equal Opportunities Plan

We drew up an Equal Opportunities Plan in 2018 to articulate actions to guarantee equal opportunities between women and men in a real and effective way and, above all, to integrate them into the company’s management system.

A total of 21 measures were determined, such as: drawing up a code of good practices, appointing an Equality Agent, developing training and awareness-raising actions for the entire workforce and having a specific budget with which to develop initiatives, among other things.

Healthy Company

We promote, raise awareness, help and encourage our employees to achieve a balanced life

Plasbel started in 2016 a path to be a Healthy Company, seeking the physical, psychological and mental benefit of its employees, and creating the Walki Plasbel Health and Wellness Programme, which includes a set of actions to achieve a triple objective:

  • Promote healthy living

  • Actively participate in training on new healthy habits

  • Help, with resources, to better manage their health and wellbeing

Thus, in Walki Plasbel, in order to promote sport and improve health, we carry out measures such as subsidising the use of nearby sports facilities and partially subsidising a voluntary physiotherapy service.

Moreover, it provides informative workshops for employees to raise awareness about healthy habits related to food, physical exercise and the mind, having held more than 16 meetings since 2016. These have covered topics such as stress management, stress coping techniques, psychonutrition, targeted joint health, prevention of cardiovascular risks, false myths about cancer and positive psychology, among others.

Walki Plasbel also promotes healthy eating practices within the company, with the collaboration of a nutritionist for the design of the menus in the canteen: a service subsidised by us.

Occupational Health and Safety

One of the aspects that characterises Walki Plasbel is its team, its own team that watches over the health and safety of the workers in all the working positions, as well as the compliance with the applicable regulations.

In this sense, the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan identifies the dangers and determines actions and areas to reduce occupational accidents as much as possible. This is reviewed periodically, with constant training actions, and has an annual budget for investment in machine and facility safety.

However, this is not all. In the interest of going one step further in occupational health and safety, Walki Plasbel has achieved ISO 45001 Certification in 2020 after successfully passing an exhaustive process of independent verification by AENOR.

family day walki plasbel

Social benefits and work-life balance

We want everything to be done harmoniously

As a family company, we have traditionally strengthened our ties with our employees through social benefits that improve the conditions set out in the collective agreement and, in particular, through policies to reconcile family/personal and professional life.

Thus, our workers have a life/accident insurance that is not compulsory by agreement, a travel insurance for the group that travels abroad and the possibility of contracting a private medical insurance with better conditions that includes ophthalmological and dental services, among others.

Furthermore, in Walki Plasbel we congratulate children’s births with a gift and at Christmas with a typical basket of seasonal products. On the other hand, we pay special attention to difficult family moments, such as in case of serious illness or death of family members.

2020 CSR Report

Our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The Corporate Social Responsibility is a business development framework that, based on an ethical basis and internal and external responsibility, favours economic growth. On its principles and according to the strategy set, Plasbel develops initiatives and efforts to contribute to improvements in the social welfare of the community and in an adequate environment conservation.

Thus, in our 2020 report, we have tried to collect in a transparent way the most relevant activities that Plasbel carries out to strengthen our social commitment.

2020 CSR Report

In Plasbel we continue to develop our sustainable business strategy and to strengthen our corporate social responsibility.

Therefore, our priorities include CSR policy and code of ethics, adherence to a global compact and other external initiatives, compliance regulation, materiality analysis and review of dialogue channels, and the development of a strategic CSR plan, always looking for improvement!



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