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100% Monomaterial, 100% Sustainable

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A Very Maximum Minimum

The high technology applied in Lamibel® MDO-PE allows us to minimise film thickness and  maximise performance by substituting other sorts of materials such as PP, PET, making the packaging more recyclable.

Interior film

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene(PE) film structure has excellent qualities such as chemical and thermal resistance and excellent water vapour barrier. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to puncture at low temperatures and has excellent sealing properties, thus removing spillage risk.

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Exterior film


The high technology applied in MDO-PE enables us to minimise film thickness and maximise its performance.

This is possible through the
replacement of other types of
materials, such as PP, PET or PA, which also makes the packaging recyclable and transforms this option into an eco-solution for the flexible packaging sector.

MDO-PE Laminate

Where technologies come together.

We provide Lamibel® MDO solutions that combine MDO technology with other technologies applied to film, through which we increase the strengths of the MDO structure, offering in each technology combination, solutions adapted to different needs.


This combination improves performance and yield for heavy products, providing excellent stand-up display rigidity, stiffness and significant thickness reduction.

mdo-pe barrier

This material is ideal for products sensitive to water vapour and oxygen, to replace PET or BOPP material and to use a 100% monomaterial film.

mdo // re-LDPE

For this structure, MDO is laminated with another post-industrial recycled PE, reducing the use of raw materials and integrating the material into the circular economy process. It is an ideal structure for non-food packaging.

Material in line with 2030 Agenda

Design for recyclability.
And beyond.

By 2030, all plastic packaging within the European Union must be recyclable or reusable. Flexible packaging made of monomaterials has become one way of achieving this goal.

Monomaterials improve recyclability and are a logical and ecological revolutionary development in the packaging industry. At first glance, the process is surprisingly simple: the choice of a single, environmentally friendly monomaterial allows for selective sorting and optimal recycling. After recycling, they begin a second life as flexible packaging. This process can be repeated in an environmentally friendly way in the long term.

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¿Qué es monomaterial? ¿Por qué los monomateriales son una evolución lógica y ecológica revolucionaria en la industria del envasado? ¿Qué ventajas proporciona en los packaging flexible?

Less Plastics

Skinny on the outside,
heavy on the inside.

Thanks to the Lamibel® MDO-PE we are able to create a recyclable packaging. Compared to standard polyethylene (PE), we use less plastic by reducing thickness, making the final product weight less and have less mass, allowing cost savings and reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions released into the planet, and in turn, the resources allocated. Compared to the single-layer PE, PP//PE or PET//PE structure, the MDO film makes it possible to reduce the overall complex film thickness.

Improved optics

A film with greater stiffness and high transparency.

The film is stretched mono-axially. The process gives mono- and co-extruded films higher tensile strength and stiffness, better shrinkage properties and higher gloss and transparency compared to standard PE. Even lighter than PP//PE laminates of the same thickness and resulting in a final product that weights less and has less mass as well as further savings in material and transport costs.

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Tear resistant monomaterial

Prevents breakage, loss and spillage in packaging.

This material has a high resistance to tearing or breakage, as well as to traction and rigidity. Its anti-ripping material prevents breakage, loss and spillage in packaging. An ideal material to replace the polypropylene (PP) structure in the dry food sector.

Circular Economy

Our commitment is to create the packaging of the future: Made of recycled and recyclable.

Plasbel MDO // re-LDPE

Thanks to its recyclability, the Lamibel® MDO//Re-LDPE structure enables a sustainable circular economy in which all material can be reused, reducing the use of raw materials, increasing economic growth and improving environmental impact. In order to develop it, MDO material is combined with another post-industrial recycled PE film, thus reducing the use of raw materials and following the circular economy process, which is also in line with the European Strategy on Plastics. Undoubtedly, an ideal design for non-food products.

Monomaterial with barrier

Sustainable packaging which is capable of increasing the shelf life of food.

This packaging has excellent waterproofing, and a barrier can also be applied to prevent oxygen and other odours from entering the packaging, thus delaying the degradation produced by oxidation and aging. It does improve product quality, appearance and hygiene. Therefore, extending its useful life.

By combining Lamibel® MDO with other technology, we create a laminated film which provides an effective barrier to carbon dioxide and aromas and prevents oxygen and humidity from having a negative influence on packaged foods, delaying the degradation that takes place due to oxidation and aging processes. Thus, the material we apply, EVOH, is less than 5%, which makes it suitable for the recycling process and therefore ideal for replacing the PET or OPP structure.

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The MDO solution makes it possible to produce a complex film based on polyethylene (PE), which is fully recyclable and made from a single material.