Plasbel® MDO Polyethylene Solution: Monomaterial Film, recyclable
which does not lose its properties.

Designed to substitute complex materials and to be recyclable.

The MDO solution allows us to create a complex film based on polyethylene, a recyclable material. The Machine Direction Orientation feature allows us to reduce the thickness of the film without altering its properties, which is highly advantageous in order to reduce costs and the environmental impact.

Discover the new recyclable polyethylene: with/without shield, better and improved design and more sustainable.

Our goal at Plasbel® is three-fold: enhance the qualities of our product, take care of our clients and protect the environment. With this in mind, we have incorporated a new material: recyclable MDO polyethylene available in two formats: with and without shield.

What is MDO Polyethylene?

MDO polyethylene stands for Machine Direction Oriented – Polyethylene Film.

MDO Polyethylene is a technology that has proved successful in improving the properties of the resulting film and enhances its properties for specific purposes. It is through this process that mono and coextruded particles grant more rigidity, more resilience, less tightening, and transparency and shine.

The combination of all these properties make of this film a highly versatile product to be used in different ways, be it in the food industry, in the field of medicine, in industrial materials and in other specific uses.

Plasbel® Polyethylene MDO Solution serves as a substitute of the traditional complex film. Thanks to it, we have a type of rigid PE material in our hands similar to PET/PE laminates.

By having enhanced the qualities of the MDO Polyethylene film, when used in packaging, it can be considered recyclable, environmentally sustainable and reusable.

How is it made?

The material is heated to a temperature slightly below its melting point and is then stretched by the action of several rolls.


The making of an MDO polyethylene Film involves many steps:

The first step is to stretch the MDO Polyethylene sheets and to heat them to a pre-established temperature.

The film goes through several rolls that spin at different speeds.

The film is stabilised and its altered properties are blocked and retained.

The film is then cooled-off to room temperature.

What are the benefits of using MDO Polyethylene?

There are a number of specific advantages that we could mention, such as less use of raw materials, which results in less bulk to be transported and therefore lower transportation costs. 

The MDO Polyethylene film is environmentally friendly and significantly reduces its carbon footprint.

However, it is not just the final product that counts. The MDO Polyethylene Film offers a much higher-quality product, it is visually more attractive, and from a technical perspective it is also more resilient to being punctured and to being torn when pulled in any given direction.

In short, the highlights of using MDO Polyethylene are:

Recyclable material.


The end product is more rigid with good stiff.


Less plastic consumption.


Offer very good optics and mechanic for similar packaging look & feel.

Plasbel Recycled perfect
Its enhanced shield offers protection from oxygen and water vapour.

Design for recyclability PE-based laminate.

It improves the productivity when used in continuous-motion packaging lFFS pouch lines.

Recyclable and Sustainable.

What makes the Plasbel® MDO Polyethylene solution so unique?

Plasbel® colaborate with DOW and produced with performance ELITE and AFFINITY resins, maximizes stiffness and optics for a good final packaging appearance and machinability like non-recyclable PET//PE laminates.

Plasbel® MDO Polyethylene is recyclable. In order to achieve this feature, we use the same kind of PE//PE laminates that needs no further recycling of the used materials, and by so doing we foster reuse and have a more dutiful attitude towards the environment.

Where do we use it?

The Plasbel® MDO Polyethylene solution can be used in many ways:

  • Pillow Pack
  • Flow Pack
  • 4 Edge Sealed
  • Stand-up Pouch

As we can see, the orientation provided to the polymer laminate by the machine (MDO Polyethylene) significantly reduces the costs involved in packaging, it helps to improve the use of packaging, it is so versatile that it can be used in many different situations and, most importantly, it is an eco-friendly material.

Plasbel MDO-PE para legumbres y pasta
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