Belsack®Reusable and Washable Mesh Bag

This bag is ideal for daily use in markets and supermarkets, specially designed for fruits and vegetables. Its durability guarantees reusability and washability, ensuring bag hygiene at all times.

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4 bags of
30 x 35 cm

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Green cord

Belsack®Reusable and Washable mesh bag is available in hanging format. Each pack contains 4 bags whose size is 30cm / 11,81 (inches) wide x 35cm / 13,77 (inches) high, a perfect size for transporting and preserving any type of fruit and vegetables, legumes or nuts. In addition, each bag has a green cord that makes self-closing easier.

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What are reusable mesh bags and why should we use them?

Reusable mesh bags could be used when going grocery-shopping, for instance. You can reuse them as many times as you want, and most importantly, they are washable. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if they get dirty.

The best thing about these bags is that that they are truly versatile. As we said before, they can be used at a supermarket or you can also use them to carry any other objects in them.

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Benefits of reusable mesh bags

The benefits of using reusable mesh bags are many:

Respectful toward the environment
They are made of recyclable materials, which significantly minimises the impact they have on the environment

Mesh bags are not only reusable, they are also multipurpose. They can be used to store lots of other articles such as cosmetics, medicine, jewellery, and even toys or tools.

These bags can be used for a much longer period of time and they are much more resilient to being torn, meaning that you can put more weight into them and the bags won't fall apart.

They preserve food better
The mesh allows the bag to breathe and they can be wet to keep vegetables fresher. So, it is rather likely that the produce you put in them will last longer compared to using plastic wrap around your food.

They help save resources
We are able to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic which will end up in a garbage can after we use it (with the exception of pre-packaged produce, like lettuce or mushrooms, which are sold in a plastic container). Another important aspect to take into account is that by using these bags we are also reducing the amount of non-renewable resources needed to make plastic bags.

Walki Plasbel: we are eco-friendly

The Reusable and Washable Mesh Bag Belsack® is
made of 100% polyester (the bag) and 100% polypropylene (the string). These bags are made by
interweaving flat string of thread. It is unbreakable, glossy, light and water-proof.

Walki Plasbel is commited to the sustainable use of resources, reducing our carbon footprint and reusing waste. Therefore, we strive to develop products that we know will surelv have a direct impact on our surroundings.

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