Walki Plasbel has achieved a new post-consumer recycled material usage record in 2021

Planta reciclaje Walki Plasbel

We are increasing the use of recycled plastic in our production, making the most of all the raw materials we have in order to stay loyal to our zero-waste objective.

We have produced 24,646 tonnes of recycled material (more than 37% compared to 2020). This amount of tonnes is more or less equivalent to the weight of 2.5 Eiffel Tower in Paris.​

We have produced 24,646 tonnes of recycled material (more than 37% compared to 2020). This amount of tonnes is more or less equivalent to the weight of 2.5 Eiffel Tower in Paris.

At Walki Plasbel, our commitment to sustainability and the environment defines us. Our aim is to achieve a zero-waste future in our business as we inspire the rest of the industrial sector to strengthen a circular economy.

We closed 2021 with an increase of 43% in our own recycled material and 33% in post-consumer recycled material compared to 2020, a great success!

We are constantly reviewing our production processes and investing in new technologies that help us fulfil our commitment to environmental protection.

Walki Plasbel Recycling in real terms

It makes us proud to see that the numbers reflect the efforts we have made to achieve this goal. In global terms, we have achieved a 37% increase in total recycled material compared to 2020. But what does that mean?

In 2020, we managed to use 17,936 tonnes of recycled plastic in our production, but by 2021 we have increased that figure to 24,646 tonnes. These figures are the result of adding the amount of recovered and post-consumer recycled material (up 33% compared to 2020) and the self-recycling of the material resulting from our own production activity, which is up 43% compared to 2020.

Usage of Recycled material from Walki Plasbel Recycling Plant

Usage of post-consumer recycled material from certified suppliers

Consumo de Material Reciclado Postconsumo

Extremely positive figures for Walki Plasbel and for society.

Usage of total recycled material in Walki Plasbel Plant

Total material reciclado utilizados en Walki Plasbel

The plastic recycling process has been improved

One of the main reasons for our increased recycling volume is that in 2021 we acquired 3 new mechanical recycling machines. These machines accelerate our production processes and help us to be more efficient and environmentally responsible.

Recycling machine for waste material generated during the Lamibel®MDO extruder process.

The waste material from our Lamibel®MDO reel production is fed directly into the recycling machine, generating higher quality pellets with a low energy consumption that results in a reduced carbon footprint.

Biomaterial recycling machine

As we recycle the waste or scraps generated during the production process, we reuse our biomaterial, thereby increasing the lifetime of the components.

PE material recycling machine

This heavy-duty recycling shredding machine is used to transform PE reels that have been rejected due to quality issues. Product quality is paramount for Walki Plasbel. However, even if a reel is rejected by our laboratory’s exhaustive quality control, it does not mean that the material is no longer useful, quite the contrary!

We make the most of waste, including materials that do not comply with our quality control. After shredding, the material goes directly into the extruder and we reuse it.

Diego Mendoza

Sourcing and R&D Director of Walki Plasbel

“Polyethylene (PE) is a very flexible material which we can make the most of. We can manufacture, use and recycle it and then reuse it again to manufacture another type of product such as rubbish bags, post-consumer handle bags, and so on by applying this new technology.”

“What yesterday was a pallet film, today can be a practical carrier bag or a sturdy rubbish bag made from post-consumer recycled material”.

This integrated process involves each and every member of the Walki Plasbel group as part of a real sustainable approach. We are moving in the right direction towards a zero-waste future.

trabajador walki plasbel sujetando bolsa con material reciclado