Plasbel Economy Circular Diagram

Plasbel®, takes on the circular economy challenge with the objective of stimulating growth through more sustainable production, resource efficiency and commitment to the environment.

Plasbel® Recycling Plant located in Alcantarilla (Murcia) donde is where we recycle all the remaining materials produced during the production process.

We are Committed to the Plastics Circular Economy

At Plasbel® we are raising social awareness and environmental responsibility through an optimized management of our manufacturing process as well as maximizing the performance of available resources. We reduce waste generation and production residues are processed to be reused and transformed into a new recycled material that will be exploited and reintroduced into the market.

This sets up a continuous development cycle in which the materials and products obtained have a longer lifespan.

Thanks to the transformation process used to recycle material in our Plasbel® recycling plant, we manage waste in an efficient way, saving on raw material and ensuring the sustainability of our product.

We extend the use of materials.

Plasbel® Re-Plastics are products made from recycled material. We have optimized and high-tech extruders to ensure excellent and consistent product quality.

How do we manufacture the
Plasbel® Re-Plastics bag?

Plasbel Re-plastics Products process

Circular Economy Advantages

Reduction in resource and energy use

Reduction in waste generation


Contributing to the fight against climate change

ZERO Plastics to Landfill by 2025

ZERO waste in


At Plasbel® we have a solvent distiller that collects, recycles and recovers 100% of the used solvents. We exploit our recycled solvents for another use. So, the solvent is cleaned and reused indefinitely.

Iniciative on


To achieve the Zero Waste commitment, we collaborate with authorized outside managers to process in a sustainable way the following materials that need special treatment, a waste turns into a new resource.

Paper and Cardboard



Waste PET, polypropylene, compostable

ZERO waste in


Through our recycling plant, we make maximum use of the raw materials used. We recycle and reuse 100% of the waste generated. Moreover, they are reused in other products and put back on the market.

ZERO waste in

and innovation

We have taken actions to improve the product environmental impact during its design stage. From the selection of raw materials with less environmental impact to the packaging optimization using high technology during the production process to improve shipment. In addition, we foster reuse and recycling.

We optimize the use of
ink and glue consumption

All the ink used are recycled, transformed into a new ink through our Ink Dispenser system. In addition we save approximately 30% in printing (CMYK) using high-tech polymer and in the end, we get a more convincing result compared to other printing machines on the market.

Compostable bags are made with plant-based polymers and sustainably managed following the Circular Economy process.

Plasbel Bio Process

We eco-innovate, manufacture, reuse and recycle.

We take care of the smallest details

Our packaging comes from 100% renewable and recyclable material. All this is done through sustainable management.

campo de maiz sostenible

Compostable raw materials made from vegetable polymers and managed in a sustainable manner.

sello ok-compost plasbel
Our compostable products bear the TUV Austria OK COMPOST® seal which guarantees that they are biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.
compostable industrial

Versatile and innovative compostable raw material. In addition, they are renewable materials with ZERO negative impacts on the composting process.

Improves soil structure and nutrient bioavailability
(Phosphorus and nitrogen compounds)

100% recyclable material in our garbage bags

At Plasbel®, we have integrated 100% 
recyclable material in our extrusion
and film manufacturing process,
free of adherent or solvent components,
where there is no need to separate
elements for the recycling of the material

bosque arboles