Information about Cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a little data file that a website sends to your navigator when visiting it, they are used to register some navigation interactions in a website. The data registered will be later retrieved and up-dated. These files stay in the user’s computer and contain anonymous harmless data. The cookie helps the website remembering the information about your visit, as for example the language preference or other configuration settings.

Cookies can be also used to register information about how a user use a website, for example from which page he accessed or if he used an advert ban to enter.

This can make your next visit easier and faster, as well as the website can appear more useful.

Cookies are efficient to improve your experience as user and are used in the majority of websites.

Use of cookies in Plasbel Plásticos, S.A.U.

Plasbel Plastic S.A.U. uses cookies to execute the electronic communication of the navigation, as well as to improve your navigation experience as user. In fact, they measure the use and the performance to optimize and personalize it.

Actually, our company website uses cookies, e.g Google Analytics, with these purposes:

  • Remember the user language preference.
  • Make the navigation easier.
  • Collection of statistic data on the use of our website. This data are anonymous, we need them to give us information, as the number of visitors, the duration of the visit, which server they use or which is their favorite screen resolution.

If you are surfing in our website, you are accepting our cookies policy.


¿Which cookies does Plasbel Plásticos, S.A.U. use?

At Plasbel Plastic S.A.U., we consider cookies as a useful tool to offer you the best navigation experience.

These are the cookies we use:

  • Cookies of Plasbel Plásticos, S.A.U.
  • Google Analytics

Certified personal cookies are essential to navigate through our websites.

Our website can have links to social networks as Twitter and Facebook. These external websites will be able to use cookies that Plasbel doesn’t control, that’s why we warn you to revise your cookies policy to know more.

For further information about Google Analytics cookies, click here.

Some of the cookies are used to realize analysis, sometimes we use external tools to make them. The used cookies are for exclusive use of Plasbel Plastic S.A.U.


Cookies table (non-exhaustive list)




Expiration Time

Cookies of Plasbel Plásticos, S.A.U.


Technical preferences cookies for user.

1 day

Third Party Cookies



Used to distinguish users.

It is used further on by Google Analytics servers to calculate user visits, session and campaign data.

1 year


On our website we use Google Maps to view geographic locations. Its use involves the forwarding of cookies, in addition to the cookies that Google requires when the session is active with your account, managed entirely by Google.


6 months



2 years






More information about  Google Privacy Policy


Analytics – Google Analytics
Used to distinguish users and sessions.

2 years


Analytics – Google Analytics
Used to distinguish users and sessions.

30 minutes


Analytics – Google Analytics
It operates in conjunction with the __ UTMB cookie, to determine if the user was in a new session / visit.



Analytics – Google Analytics
It stores campaign and traffic-source data that explains how the user got to the website. 


6 months

Can I deactivate the cookies?

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your computer through the configuration setting of the navigator.

Mind that if you deactivate the cookies the computer could block some translations, functions or contents of our website.

Each navigator has a different configuration. To help you, we show you the links with the instructions to manage or block the most common cookies:

Plasbel Plásticos S.A.U. neither promotes nor owns the previously indicated links.

These are offered only for informative use. The company is not responsible for their information or updates.


Additional information

This is to guarantee you the compliance by Plasbel Plastic S.A.U. of the legislation about cookies use, as well as to offer you the best transparency about your personal data added in our website file.

Aiming the guarantee of its validity, the data can be revised in various period by the company. We recommend you so, to regularly visit the website to be informed as soon as possible.