We achieve the maximum using the minimum

With the new Lamibel® Stretch material, we can maximize the performance of the film with less thickness.

What is Stretch-Hood?

Stretch-Hood is the perfect solution for stabilizing and handling unstable loads. This important application requires films with excellent extensibility and maximum elasticity to minimize types of damage such as displacement, crushing and water damage. In addition, it has high tear and puncture resistance.

We develop
the film to adapt
to your needs.

same resistance
with less thickness.

good transparency,
better visibility.

Reduction of
environmental impact.

Funcional Structure

Lamibel® Stretch

Outer layer:
To increase the puncture resistance.

Central layer:

Internal Layer:
Allows the product to have memory.

Central layer:

Outer layer:
To increase the puncture resistance.

Tear resistance
Puncture resistance

Material with applied technology to facilitate the commercialization and transportation of the products.

Coextruded multilayer film of high resistance, transparent, with excellent extensibility and elasticity, to guarantee the highest protection of palletised goods. Film is available for food and non-food use.

It has been developed for different markets

Domestic appliances
Furniture manufacture
Building materials
Restoration and cleaning
Paint manufacture
Food & Beverages

Advantages of Lamibel® Stretch

in different sectors​


  • Prevents pallets from moving.
  • Greater stability when loading.
  • Grouping of different products.
  • High mechanical resistance to punctures.
  • Resistance to splashes, water and dust.
  • Ensures the proper use and handling of the goods during their journey.


  • Saves storage space.
  • Insulation against dust, rain, dirt.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Savings in production costs (speed of packaging increases). 
  • Non-thermal wrapping. 
  • Cost savings due to the use of thinner film.


  • Possibility of incorporating corporate image.
  • Product delivered in perfect condition to the client.
  • Individually packed pallets are more orderly and attractive. 
  • Customized product, made to measure for each application and machine.


  • Lower plastic consumption.
  • Lower energy consumption. (eliminates heat sources).
  • Recyclable film.

Lamibel® Stretch is carefully manufactured and adapted for the main Stretch-hood machines on the market.