Heat sealable lid film for ready meals and fresh products in trays

A film that provides excellent barriers and impermeability to liquids. A high-quality film and very resistant at high temperature. Ideal for sealing ready meals onto PET trays.

Benefits and Guarantees

Advice and technical support

In order to guarantee a sound management and the best customer service, we provide throughout the advisory process, technical, design, commercial and administrative support, to answer questions, streamline procedures and provide the best solutions.

In-house laboratory for quality assurance

We have our own laboratory where all our products are manufactured according to a series of criteria and quality controls.

Design and Prepress Department

In order to provide our customers with the best possible results in design and printing, color management tasks are carried out by means of color proofing and content analysis. Once the plotter is confirmed, clichés are produced and checked before and during the printing process, making a comprehensive revision of the printed material.

More sustainable

We optimize the use of ink and glue consumption. All the ink used is recycled, transformed into a new ink through our Ink Dispenser system. We have integrated 100% recyclable material in the manufacture of flexible packaging, free of adherent or solvent components, which makes the recycling process easier.

We enhance the product's visual impact

We have high quality printers, up to 8 colors, we enhance print quality and brand image. In addition, we manufacture our own ink and control the process by computer.

Complete visibility and ZERO fault

We test 100% of the printed material thanks to our high technology, detecting even the smallest defect in any part of the material. We carry out total not partial checks.

Low ink consumption

We save approximately 30% in printing (CMYK) using high-tech polymer with a more efficient result compared to other machines on the market.

ZERO Waste in solvent

We recycle 100% of the solvent used. We have a solvent distiller that collects, recycles and fully recovers the used solvent plus it has an automatic cleaning of the printing cylinders.

Ink production

With our own production of printing inks, we offer the customer the best possible results and traceability in their use over time for future projects.

BRC/IOP certification for packaging and packaging materials

Plasbel® Packaging Division has obtained this AA Grade certification after successfully going through an exhaustive process of independent verification by SAI Global.

Food safety control

We have an action plan aimed at controlling all operations within the manufacturing process to ensure the safety of the material used in the packaging and food containers.

We provide


Ready Meals

Ensalada preparada, tallarines frescos, Preparado sopa marinera, preparado para paella de marisco, tabulé, ensaladilla rusa, ensalada de cangrejo con piña, ensalada de quinoa ecológica, ensalada de pasta con atún, guisantes con jamón, filete de atún y tomate, hummus, empanada gallega tradicional de atún, flautas rellenas de jamón y bacon, kit fajitas, dippeo langosti- no salsa tártara, bowl ensalada enrollados, cocktail de frutos secos, guacamole, risotto mediterráneo deshidratado, comidas para llevar.


Salsa pesto, salsa boloñesa, salsa romesco, salsa cuatro quesos, salsa dippear mexicana, salsa cheddar, salsa de tomate con aceite de oliva, salsa queso, salsa bar- bacoa, salsa quesos italianos, salsa de setas y boletus, ketchups, salsa de yogurt, salsa brava, salsa curry, salsa miel y mostaza, salsa soja, salsa fresca de gorgonzola y nueces, salsa de tomate con albahaca, salsa argentina


Pizza fresca de jamón y queso, pizza fresca cuatro quesos, pizza cuatro quesos, pizza de carne con salsa barbacoa, pizza mozzarella, pizza de pollo, pizza fresca de atún y bacon, pizza fresca carbonara, pizza boloñesa, pizza de jamón serrano, pizza de salami, mozzarella y pesto, pizza Romana de jamón cocido, aceitunas y champiño- nes, pizza & salsa pollo asado con mosta- za y miel, pizza funghi, pizza de queso de cabra, pizza hawaiana, pizza mediterránea, pizza margarita, pizza vegetal, pizza de es- pinacas, pizza rústica, pizza tex-mex


Water vapour barrier


High shrinkage capacity


Easy to open (laser perforation)


Hot filling
Cold filling