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Market bag made of biodegradable compostable material according to European standard EN13432.

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Compostable bags made with polymers of vegetable origin under European standard EN 13432, managed in a sustainable way and certified with the OK COMPOST® seal by TUV Austria which guarantees their biodegradability in an industrial composting plant.

Block Compostable Plasbel

The compostable & biodegradable market bags have frosted transparency and pre-cutted for easy tearing. On the superior part of the carrier bags was perforated with two holes for hanging. These bags are ideal for supermarkets, market stalls and green groceries.

At Plasbel®, environmental sustainability is a guiding principle. That’s why we take care of even the smallest detail. We work with suppliers certified by the international FSC organization ensuring that our packaging and boxes come from a forest that has been treated sustainably. Most importantly, it is 100% recyclable.


Block +3cm

100 bags / block

2.000 bags / box


Block +3cm

100 bags / block

2.000 bags / box


Block +3cm

100 bags / block

1.500 bags / box

Available model

Block + 3cm
(for hanging)

Available material

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sello ok BIOBASED Plasbel

A polyvalent compostable bag that does not have detrimental effects on the environment.

The shape of this bag is ideal for use in fruit shops, greengrocers, confectioners, fishmongers, butchers, or for knick-knacks, dried fruit bags, etc.

It can also be reused in the kitchen as a lightweight bag for organic waste. The biodegradable bag will provide nutrients and improve the soil structure.

Our compostable bags:

Reach the level of
at least 90% biodegradation within
6 months.

Approved by
TÜV Austria.

More than 90% have reduced to fragments of less than 2mm within 3 months.

Improves soil structure and nutrient bioavailability.
(phosphorus and nitrogen compounds)

Marine Biodegradation: Absence of plastic film in wet-sand after
9 months.
(verified by Certiquality)

Absence of negative effects in the composting process.

This whole process is carried out in an industrial composting plant.