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Commercial bag made of biodegradable compostable material according to European standard EN13432.

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Bolsas compostables hechas con polímeros de origen vegetal bajo la norma Europea EN 13432, gestionadas de forma sostenible y certificadas con el sello OK COMPOST® por TUV Austria que garantizada su biodegradabilidad en una planta de compostabilidad industrial.

We have developed 4 standard sizes of compostable bag to meet the needs of the market.


Vest Handle Bag

200 bags / pack

2.000 bags / box


Vest Handle Bag

200 bags / pack

2.000 bags / box


Vest Handle Bag

200 bags / pack

2.000 bags / box


Vest Handle Bag

200 bags / pack

1.000 bags / box

Available Models

Handle bag
in package

Handle Bag

Available material

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sello ok compost HOME Plasbel
sello ok BIOBASED Plasbel

We take care of the smallest details

At Plasbel®, we want to create a product that does not have detrimental effects on the environment. For this reason, we use packaging and boxes made from 100% renewable and recyclable material; all of this through sustainable management.


Compostable Packaging

100% recycable box
with FSC

Our compostable bags:

Reach the level of
at least 90% biodegradation within
6 months.

Approved by
TÜV Austria.

More than 90% have reduced to fragments of less than 2mm within 3 months.

Improves soil structure and nutrient bioavailability.
(phosphorus and nitrogen compounds)

Marine Biodegradation: Absence of plastic film in wet-sand after
9 months.
(verified by Certiquality)

Absence of negative effects in the composting process.

This whole process is carried out in an industrial composting plant.