We pursue
perfection to guarantee quality

We offer coverage
and guarantee quality
in all product stages.

We apply our high-quality standards to all process stages, from conceptualization and development to raw material transformation, extrusion, manufacturing and distribution of our products. Likewise, we carry out comprehensive quality controls in each of these stages and a close traceability of the product, ensuring maximum Health Safety within the company.

Unlike other companies in this sector, this puts us in an advantageous position when it comes to offering a professional and dynamic service to our customers. In addition, this line of action enables us to offer a stable and homogeneous product, as a result of the continuous analysis and homologations carried out by our quality department on all the raw materials used in the extrusion process.

Our commitment is to give you the best attention

We have an action plan aimed at controlling all the operations
during our production processes.

Our own Quality Department and Laboratory, is made up
of highly qualified and experienced professionals, are in charge of:

Supplier evaluation and monitoring
All our suppliers are approved before entering into contractual relations, some of which are audited on an annual basis.

Control of raw and ancillary materials
Upon delivery to our facilities, we check compliance with technical and legal specifications before they go through the production process.

Semi-finished and finished product
We carry out tests and controls to verify compliance with normative, technical and legal specifications of all our products, in order to comply with the commitment made with customers and official bodies.
Upstream / downstream traceability system
We have a complete upstream / downstream traceability system, which ensures rigorous production control for each production batch.

Migration testing to verify food safety and suitability
All products made to come into contact with food are manufactured according to protocols of “Good Manufacturing, Hygiene and Food Safety Practices”. These products undergo the corresponding migration testing, making it possible to verify their food safety and suitability.

Certificates and management system
All Certificates and Management System implemented in Plasbel are maintained.
Plasbel® Packaging Division has obtained BRC/IOP certification for Packaging and Packaging Materials

What is
BRC Packaging?

BRC (British Retail Consortium) Packaging is a standard developed in the United Kingdom and is the leading food safety protocol in the international sector, especially for packaging companies. It requires compliance with the most demanding technical requirements for production, packaging, personnel, environmental conditions of the facilities and storage of products.

What are the advantages of
the BRC Packaging Certification?

  • Efficient and dynamic control of risks for food security.
  • Guaranteed to comply with the regulations, regulations and requirements.
  • Generates greater confidence among customers, consumers and the local and international markets.
  • Increase security, quality and improve the corporate reputation of our brands.
  • It guarantees the innocuousness of the packaging, packaging material and food packaging used.
  • Provides an organized and effective communication with all interested parties.
Plasbel packaging flexible product

Plasbel® Division Packaging is committed to food safety, after successfully going through an exhaustive process of independent verification by SAI GLOBAL.

The quality of our products is certified through continuous controls carried out in our own laboratory. In addition to this internal control, we have the AENOR ISO 9001 y 14001
certificates, Environmental and Quality management systems.

Request our certificates and/or Quality, Environment and Food Safety Policy.
Plasbel® , as responsible for the data processing and entitled by your consent, will process your data so as to manage your relationship with us and introduce you to our services, as well as managing the mailing of commercial information and commercial prospecting if you authorize us to do so. We will not disclose the information to third parties unless required by law. You have the right to access, correct, oppose, limit the data, as well as other rights, as detailed in our privacy policy.
The Plasbel® inspection team in Asia checks the finished bags one by one, spotting all defects.

Plasbel® is committed to meeting its standards in the countries where it operates, acting honestly and in accordance with fair trade standards. This commitment is paramount to our success.

We constantly audit our suppliers to ensure their compliance with our social norms.

We are committed to job security and occupational health and we demand our suppliers to create a security atmosphere, being occupational health and job security our top priorities.

From the point of origin, our food quality and safety control team guarantees that the final products firmly convey with our technical and quality specifications.
Our process to select suppliers is rigorous. We follow an ethical business conduct.

We minimise the environmental impact by making the most of our raw materials and reusing our own recycled material. Besides, we raise awareness among our suppliers to reduce their environmental print to the minimum.

We demand our suppliers to keep an absolute commitment to their employees’ rights.
Our suppliers have been subjected to an in-depth inspection by the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit); based on the Ethical Trading Initiative which includes the following 10 criteria:

Everything seems impossible until
it is done and we want to do it better.