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Specialists in film permeability

Creation, development and constant innovation

  • Integrated processes: Extrusion, printing and laminating.
  • Investigations in the application of new materials.
  • Stable and homogeneous product.
  • Collaboration with national and international investigation institutes.
  • Development of film to provide new solutions for customers.

Snacks & nuts

Technical container with barrier to guarantee maximum freshness and maintain the product isolated from humidity, light and oxygen.

Pasta, Rice & Legumes

A container designed for aliments which are sensible to humidity, air and steam.

Shrink wrap film

Film used as an overwrap packaging, including cartons, recipients, cans, bottles, etc.

Food and agriculture

Plastic external belt used as label and handle for food products. High quality material and great resistance. Especially developed for products as potatoes sack, oranges, lemons, onions, etc.

Macro, Micro, Needle, Gas and laser perforation

Perforated films guarantee the best atmosphere inside the recipient. Perfect to pack fruit and vegetables.


Laminated co-extruded films, designed to protect and pack up products. Great for cookies, bakery, cakes, etc.

Packed vegetables & fruit,
ready to consume

Innovative packaging, they guarantee the conservation of aliments, as they are preserved in a modified atmosphere that protects them from natural oxidation.

Freezing & Deep-frozen

A great effective film for low freezing. Resistant to all breaks. Excellent material to preserve any type of product.