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Customer service : +34 968 894 678 / info@plasbel.com
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About us

Two decades fostering customers' loyalty

Plasbel Plásticos is a company with 20 years of experience in the high quality plastic fabrication. We are specialized in the extrusion of polyethylene film, as well as in the offer of a personalized service to our customers. We listen carefully to their needs to give custom-made solutions, creating long-term links with them.

Among our customers, we can list both large retail brands as well as any kind of entity, public and private, in the professional or industrial fields. For these latters, we offer specific solutions in the field of technique plastics and industrial films, both for supply and domestic use.

Plasbel in figures

We have two important production plants, reaching an annual volume of production of 55.000 tons. These plants are located in Spain and Qatar, with production percentages of 85% and 15% respectively. In addition, we have two logistic centers from where we manage the product distribution, enabling us to give fast answers for any doubt our customers have.


Plasbel Plásticos S.A.U.

Alcantarilla, Spain


Asima Plastic Factory

Doha, Qatar


Logistic Center 01

Librilla, Spain


Logistic Center 02

Alcantarilla, Spain


Plant Q4 Packaging

Valencia, Spain


Plant expansion of
Flexible Packaging

Alcantarilla, Spain


High Tech and innovation, main axis of our growing

The non-stop improvement process of our product is the catalyst which lets us tie in with the best quality, with the most competitive performance.

We dispose of more than 30.0000 m2 of installations in Alcantarilla (Murcia), divided in:
Plasbel 01
  • Extrusion plant
  • Printing plant
  • Packaging plant
  • Recycling plant
Plasbel 02
  • Extrusion plant of flexible film (food use)
  • Printing plant
Plasbel 03
  • Logistic Center Alcantarilla
  • Logistic Center Librilla

R + D + i

Innovation bearers

In Plasbel, we know that, in order to offer efficient solutions, we have to focus on innovation and continue improvement. That is why these two concepts are really important within our company and led us to the leadership in polyethylene film extrusion.

To make this innovation possible, we dispose of an in-house lab, with the latest technology and high-qualified professionals. Through the R + D + i department we look for continue innovation, investigating the most modern materials, improving the quality, the services and progressing the products efficiency. Besides, we aim to collaborate with national and international investigation institutes, because the integration makes us go further.

Quality and Certification

We pursue the perfection to guarantee the quality

We offer coverage in all phases of the product, from its conceptualization and development, transformation of raw material, product fabrication, to its distribution and arrival to final destination. This way, we manage to make exhaustive quality controls in all these phases and a careful traceability of the good. We guarantee at all health security.

Unlike other companies in the sector, we are in an advantaged position when offering a professional and dynamic service to our customers. Additionally, we are also able to offer a stable, homogeneous product, result of continuing analysis and homologations of all raw materials in the extrusion process by our quality control department.

The quality of our product is certified through constant controls in our lab. Besides, we are in line with the AENOR ISO 9001 Y 14001 certifications of company and environmental management.

Our team

All of us makes our company go further

We manage the talent from values, as it is very important to us that these are shared by the whole team and used to act.

We develop healthy and well-being programmes that improve our employees' lives and maintain a healthy labour climate. In addition, we are engaged in labor conciliation, improving measures that let the worker have more ability in balancing his professional and private lives. The well-being and the development of people assure the growth and the competitiveness of the company.