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Plasbel® has taken on the challenge of a circular economy with the objective of promoting growth through a more sustainable production, the efficient use of resources and a commitment to the Environment.

We move towards new objectives and projects thanks to the experience of our human team and cutting-edge technology.

Always in continuous technological, commercial and financial development, our cornerstone is to pursue perfection in our customer service, adapting to the new market philosophy.

Plasbel®, is a leader in the sustainable plastic film manufacturing sector, with a great capacity to tackle large projects, great professionalism and an approach based on Social and Environmental respect.

We can reduce the amount of waste generated by manufacturing processes; we recycle and transform waste into a new type of product that will be reintroduced into the market. We thus establish a recycling cycle thanks to which we are able to extend the lifespan of materials.
From the beginning of the year (January – October 2019), at Plasbel's recycling plant we have been able to recycle and reuse 6,164 tons of material coming from packaging. This weight is equivalent to putting 6,000 cars together.
The new Belsack® Reusable and Washable Mesh Bag. This bag is ideal for daily use in markets and supermarkets, specially designed for fruits and vegetables. Its durability guarantees reusability and washability, ensuring bag hygiene at all times.
The Machine Direction Orientation feature allows us to reduce the thickness of the film without altering its properties, which is highly advantageous in order to reduce costs and the environmental impact.

More recycled and sustainable materials in our products.

We are specialized in manufacturing garbage bags with recycled material.

Plasbel® Re-Plastics garbage bags are made of recycled material and are the highest quality bags of all their ranges. They are adapted to the different market needs.

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Plasbel® great team is made up of dynamic people, with initiative, enthusiasm and desire to work.

Join the leading industry in film extrusion.